Macaroni Made ~ Homemade Valentines

By Cara Scott, Lakewood CO Publisher Mom February 9, 2012

This year, I am determined to have my kids make their own Valentines.  Every year I say we are going to do this, and every year we are those people standing in the Valentine aisle at the grocery store picking through the left over boxes of valentines.  Well, not this year.  This year, thanks to my Pinterest addiction, I have been inspired.  There are so many wonderful ideas out there that I just couldn't miss out on the fun this year.  Here are some of my favorites that we will be making this year.  All of them can be made with construction paper, markers, scotch tape (or glue), sandwich bags and of course candy.

Rocket Valentine
A package of Rolos and a Hershey Kiss and few pieces of construction paper and tape make this cute Valentine.

Starburst Valentine
Starbursts, construction paper, tape and a sandwich bag is all you need to make this sweet treat.

Glow Stick Valentine
A glow stick (or glow bracelet) which you can find 5-10 for $1 at the Dollar Tree and construction paper and tape is all you need for these glowing valentines.

Popcorn Valentine
A bag of microwave popcorn, a piece of construction paper and a cut up popcorn box (my grocery store sells ten for two dollars) make a yummy valentine.

Swedish Fish Valentine
Swedish or Gummy Fish, construction paper, tape and a sandwich bag make this swimmingly fun valentine.

Gumball Valentine
Gumballs, construction paper, tape and a sandwich bag make this chewy treat.

Lollipop Valentine
A sucker of any kind, construction paper and one piece of tape (to secure the sucker from behind) make this sticky treat a crowd favorite.



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