Macaroni Made ~ Valentine's Crayon Hearts

By Danielle Pridgen, LaGrange NC Publisher Mom February 9, 2012
I would imagine every home with small children would have its fair share of broken crayons.  What's a mom to do with all those broken crayons, and bits and pieces of crayons that the kids just will not use because they are too small?  Make "heartfelt" valentine gifts out of them!

What You'll Need to Make the Crayon Hearts:

  • Various crayon bits and pieces
  • Tin Foil
  • A frying pan or griddle (something flat that you can heat on the stove)
  • A heart-shaped mold (Mine was an "ice cube tray" I found for $1 at a dollar store)

What You Do:

Remove any paper that may still be lingering on the crayon.

Make a bowl or boat shape out of a small piece of tin foil.  Place the crayons into the tin foil bowl, and place the bowl on the frying pan.  Melt the crayons over low-medium heat.

Pour crayon wax into the heart-shaped mold and let cool (Place in the freezer for about 3-5mins if you are in a hurry).

Pop out the new heart-shaped crayon, and attach to your valentine!

NOTE:  I formed a pour spout on one end of the tin foil bowl to make pouring into the molds easier.  I also used like colors to melt with each other just because I wanted them to end up looking happy and festive.  Mixing lots of colors together will result in a dark looking crayon and kids might think they're chocolate and try to eat them!