Macaroni Made ~ Super Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

By Kristin Blankenship, Belleville IL Publisher Mom February 9, 2012

This craft is unbelievably easy, and a great project for kids to help with! Inspired by a wreath on
Pinterest, we tweaked it to make it simpler and faster for busy Moms!


Foam heart-shaped wreath, available at hobby stores

Ribbon (1 Spool of 1.5” ribbon and six to ten spools of different colors/patterns)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks



1.    Wrap the 1.5 inch ribbon around the wreath form and hot glue (you may need to make some small cuts to get the ribbon around the heart form)

2.    Cut the remaining ribbon into 4 ½ inch sections, it will take approximately 120 pieces

3.    Fold the ribbon pieces in half and hot glue them together at the bottom

4.    Glue the loops on the wreath, using the different colored ribbons equally

5.    Tie a loop on the back of the wreath and hang on a wreath hanger