Valentine's Day Gifts & Treats

Easy and inexpensive homemade Valentines

By Jamie Clark, Roanoke VA Publisher Mom February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day is a fun time for kids, but it can also get pretty hectic trying to come up with ideas for class Valentines and gifts for loved ones.  I found some EASY and INEXPENSIVE ideas that are also fun for you and your kids to put together.  And homemade gifts are just a little more special and unique, coming from the giver's heart and made with love.

Ideas for Class Valentines

I "Wheelie" Like You ~ simply put a matchbox car and a few pieces of candy in a bag.  I taped a card to it on which we wrote "I Wheelie Like You" and you're done!

I Dig You ~ all you need is plastic toy shovel and some candy!  I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and put a sticker on which I wrote "I Dig You"

Lollipops ~  My kids helped cut out hearts on which we wrote "You can count on me when things get sticky!" and taped a lollipop to it

Pencils ~ We cut out more hearts and wrote "You're Just WRITE for me!"

Ideas for gifts for loved ones

I love you because.... ~
I took a 5x7 picture frame, printed the words "I love you because..."  on scrapbook paper, and then just put in the frame like you would any regular picture.  The cool thing is that you can use a dry erase marker to write directly on the glass of the frame (and it will erase very easily!).  It's great for little things like, "I love you got up to feed the baby in the middle of the night" or "I love you because.... you made me coffee this morning."  Little love messages can go a long way!

Picture Box
~ Using an inexpensive box that can be found at most craft stores, I used card stock to cut out a strip of paper (size depends on the box) and then folded it accordian style, gluing one end to the bottom inside of the box.  I then found some pictures of my kids, cut them out, and glued them to the paper so when you open the box you can pull out the pictures to view!  I also attached a piece of ribbon as a pull tab to make it nice and easy! 

Send a Hug! ~ Have your kids either trace and cut out their hands or use paint to make hand prints and then cut out the shape... attach with some string... and you've got yourself a hug to send to your loved ones who are out of town!